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San Pellegrino Lemon and Mint


San Pellegrino Lemon and Mint – 6 x 300ml Cans

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Sanpellegrino Limone & Menta is an enlightening combination of zesty lemons and aromatic mint for those who like tradition with a twist.

Sun-ripened Mediterranean lemons lend their natural opaque yellow colour with light carbonation that gives it the perfect refreshing effervescence. On the nose, it’s a delicate affair, with the intense aroma of juicy picked lemons that are tinted ever so slightly with the familiar scent of mint.

A medium sweetness tickles your tongue but engulfs with the flavour of tasty lemon, all to a perfect balance between sour and sweet. Light undertones of mint follow throughout from the beginning to the end.

Always serve chilled, ideally at 2-4°.

6 x 330ml Cans


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